The most reliable and honest pet sitters in Arlington, VA

Be very careful when choosing a pet sitter or dog walking service in Arlington.

Make sure the Arlington pet sitting or dog walking company you choose is properly equipped to handle all of your needs:

1. Is your pet sitting company properly insured? Do they carry all of the licenses and permits required to legally serve you? Avoid small home-based pet sitters. While they may be wonderful people, they are usually not properly financed or adequately insured.

We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured pet care specialists. We've been doing business in Arlington County for more than ten years.

2. You are trusting somebody with the lives of your pets and the security of your home. Make sure you deal with a reputable company in Arlington that employs only the best people -- and takes adequate measures to keep your keys safe.

We only hire passionate pet lovers who have passed background checks. And we train our Arlington pet sitters fully!

Our office is operated as a "secure facility." Security key cards are required to gain entry to our office and records are kept of all employees coming and going. We take the security of your keys and information seriously.

3. Deal only with a company that staffs an office full-time. If you have to leave voicemail messages during daytime hours, you should not be dealing with such an ill-equipped company. If you have an emergency, you need to know you can reach a live person.

We operate a full-time office with a staff of dog owners and animal lovers that always answers our phones Monday - Thursday from 9am - 5pm, Friday from 9am - 4pm. You won't get voicemail or busy signals when you call us during business hours. We also have after-hours emergency numbers for our clients to reach us.

We're very proud of our staff and our office. We invite you to visit our professional office. Our competitors won't want you to compare their unprofessional offices to ours.

4. Is your Arlington pet sitting company prepared to handle emergencies?

The problem with smaller pet sitting and dog walking companies is they can leave you stranded without care should one of their few sitters have an emergency, become ill, or even quit their job.

We are well staffed and always prepared to handle your scheduled service. Even if the sitter assigned to you suddenly is unable to be there. We also have a veterinarian on-call 24 hours for emergencies. You can leave the care of your loved furry friends in our hands knowing we'll be able to handle any situation that may arise in your Arlington home.

5. Does your pet sitter or dog walker accept credit cards and use a computerized reservation system?

If your pet sitter does not have enough personal or business credit to obtain a merchant account and commercial bank account, we suggest you should consider whether they should be trusted with the keys to your home. We have a business banking history with the same bank that goes back more than twelve years.

6. Can your pet sitting/pet care company provide references?

Not just one or two references. Can your pet sitter provide dozens or references from satisfied Arlington pet sitting customers? We can provide as many references as you care to check. We've taken care of dogs, cats, lizards, birds, fish, rabbits, mice, snakes, ferrets, and more. Our references will span many years of service.

7. Are you comfortable with the pet sitter/dog walker you selected for your Arlington home?

It is very important you consider all of the points above. But equally important is your comfort level with the people who you will be trusting with your home and furry family.

Please call us. Better yet, visit us at our office. Allow us the chance to show you the passion we apply to our Arlington Dog Walking services each and every day. You won't find people more interested in quality than us.

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